Art and Rock House

Art and Rock House

Rock House has a unique and transformative connection with Scottish photography and art. Hill and Adamson pioneered Scottish photography from their studio, and Hill later painted the renowned Disruption of 1843 masterpiece at the house.

By any stretch of providence, Rock House is defined by its connections with Scottish photography and art. As the present curators, our vision is very much to re-establish and nurture this connection.

In the spring of 2017 we connected with Alastair Gordon.  Alastair is a native of Edinburgh, though now based in London is still very much involved in the city’s art scene through his teaching programme at Leith School of Art. He was the perfect choice to head up and help us develop an art strategy for the Rock House.

Alastair’s inaugural residency took place in the summer of 2017, when he spent time with his family in the Terrace apartment. His initial focus has woven the history of the house with the present environs to produce a thoughtful series entitled “Rock, Silver and Salt”, in honour of the original chemical methods used by Hill & Adamson to develop their Calotypes.

Alastair’s signature style stems from a 17th century technique called ‘quodlibet’, Latin for ‘what you will’. It is described as a form of illusionism where the question of truth and reality traverse with artistic skill. Is it a piece of tape, a calotype photograph or just skillfully applied paint…. Why not see what you will for yourself.

If you are interested in finding out more about the first Rock House AiR collection please do get in touch. We also have access to a limited edition of prints which can be purchased by contacting us direct by email on [email protected]

Alastair Gordon

Alastair Gordon

These paintings and drawings were inspired by my artist residency at Rock House.

With a history as rich and interesting as that housed within the walls of the house it doesn’t take long for an artist to find a subject. For me, I was particularly drawn by the legacy of Hill and Adamson, their place in the story of Scottish Art and the lasting imprint their calotypes embossed on the landscape of Edinburgh. The four prints are based on calotypes by Hill and Adamson with my own paintings of the house. The drawings were observed from the cemetery just below Rock House. With pencil in hand I was mindful of the company I kept. From poets and priests to whisky distillers and crooks, the cemetery of Old Calton Hill is home to a curious cast of characters.

Rock House Prints

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Rock House Art

Color Print, (50 x 40cm), O/E.
£150 each + P&P

Rock House Pencil Sketch

Black and White Print
28 x 21cm (A4)
£80 each + P&P

Rock House Mix Print1

The Salt and the Silver
(Oil and acrylic on gaboon marine ply, 68 x 90cm)

Rock Paper Stone Scissors

Rock, Paper, Stone, Scissors
Series of 4 prints
Limited Edition Pigment Print
(size 88 x 110cm each)
Print 1 – £350 + P&P

Rock House Mix Print2

Limited Edition Pigment Print 2 of 4
£350 + P&P

Rock House Mix Print3

Limited Edition Pigment Print 3 of 4
£350 + P&P

Rock House Mix Print4

Limited Edition Pigment Print 4 of 4
£350 + P&P

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